All  clubs within Airdrie and Caldercruix Taekwon-do Schools  accept that in all  matters concerning child protection the WELFARE  AND PROTECTION OF THE CHILD IS THE PARAMOUNT CONSIDERATION.

It  is the policy of all clubs and the Airdrie Taekwon-Do Schools to safeguard the welfare of children and all others involved in its  activities by protecting them from physical, sexual and emotional harm.

Everyone  has a duty to act if they have concerns about the behaviour of someone. Within  the club this may be where an instructor is:

Neglectful  in that he/she is not ensuring that the young people are safe, exposing them to  undue cold, heat or to unnecessary risk of injury.

Causing  physical abuse by having the nature and intensity of training and competition  exceeding the capacity of the young persons immature and growing body; or where  drugs are used to enhance performance.

Involved  in sexual abuse by coaching techniques which involve inappropriate physical  contact or talking to young people in a sexual explicit manner; including  inappropriate jokes.

Emotionally  abusive where there is persistent emotional ill treatment of a young person  such that they feel frightened or in danger, bullied or subjected to constant  criticism or unrealistic pressure to perform to high expectations consistently.

Reporting  Procedures 

If  you are an adult club member/parent/guardian
If  a young person says or indicates that he/she is being abused (even if it  outside the club environment), or information is obtained or observations are  made which gives concern that a young person is being abused, you must react  immediately by:

  • Ensuring  the safety of the young person.
  • Contacting  an Association Child protection Officer. (T.B.C)
  • Contact  the local Social Services or Police who will advise on what action to be taken.

If you are a  child/young person:

  • You  may not want or be able to speak to an adult you know so you can speak to  someone who can help on the phone first from the:

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